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His recommendation was as follows: • A two-year contract, with 2015-2016 featuring one salary step increase, lane changes and a 0.5 percent on-schedule raise, effective July 1 of this year • An insurance hard cap increase to 2015 rates • For 2016-2017, a 0 off-schedule bonus payment with lane changes, no step increases, insurance hard cap remaining at 2015 rates, plus a potential for an additional bonus payment of as much as 0, if sufficient additional revenue exists for a “sharing the wealth” provision to provide the additional bonus payment The “steps and lanes” system, in which step increases are a longevity bonus and lane increases are rewarded for pursuing additional education, have been a focal point of bargaining since the start of negotiations.The school board and union met two additional times to bargain the remaining topics Cheeks did not include in his recommendation, such as payment for the instructor of the districts’ robotics program. 19, the school board ratified a two-year contract in a 4-0 vote, with board members Cori Anderson, Shannon Hummel and Doug Lamborne abstaining due to conflict of interest with relatives within the BEA.“This means some of our staff will not make the top of the salary schedule if they stay in Belding,” he added.include_once("../phpclient/admin/soap.check.php");include_once("../phpclient/admin/main.check.php");$_POST["login"] = "***";$_POST["password"] = "***";$lb = new LANBilling();if (!Ce site est totalement gratuite et sans engagements, vous permet d'entrer rapidement et simplement en contact avec des centaines d'hommes et femmes majeurs.Du avec des hommes et des femmes qui ont chaud et souhaites vous rencontrer pour un moment de dialogue intime avec ou sans webcam pour toute tranche d'âge et tous les goûts érotiques.Cheeks said he felt both individual proposals were too heavily weighted in their own right.“Considering the entire record, I find that the District’s proposal to the teachers offers less than fairness calls for at this time,” he wrote in his opinion.

It also included a 6 percent base salary payment at the high school level and 3 percent rate at the middle school for payment to instructors of the districts’ robotics program.Thirty days later, both parties officially submitted their proposals, which Cheeks evaluated for another 60 days before delivering his opinion.Last July, both parties had agreed to accept Cheeks’ recommendation, regardless of the outcome.“I also believe that the Association’s proposal is too rich to risk being paid in full in this time of improving, yet fragile, general societal economics climate,” he wrote.“I further believe that the District can afford to pay this without facing (an) expectant threat of destroying its financial operations goals planned for the next two years.” Superintendent Sara Shriver said she was happy to finally see a settlement.

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“On the other hand, I agree with the District that the Association’s full proposal is too rich to take a chance on.

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