Paypal pdt identity token for validating orders benefits of dating a tall girl

Posted by / 21-Oct-2017 16:54

And can you know if the order was done or canceled?

Maybe you’d like to log the transaction in your database and mark a payment as complete or something like that too?

For example you can return them to the order they paid for rather than just a general return page.

So, the user will click the button, go through the payment procedure, and at the end there will be a link/button to return to the merchant. The URL they are returned to could for example look like this (split for easier reading): The reason we don’t care about the rest is that they’re not trustworthy at all.

Since they are GET parameters we can easily tamper with them in the address bar of our browser, and we just can’t have any of that, can we?

To get good and trustworthy data we need to send this transaction id back to Pay Pal together with our PDT Identity Token.

We want to clean it up and turn it into a much more handy associative array.

You should also set up a business account in the Pay Pal Sandbox which you can then use instead of your real account.Even if it is valid, the string is just, well, a long string.Not to mention it’s URL encoded and possibly in the wrong character encoding.A lot safer, cheaper and easier than using a real one…The last point is particularly important and you should not only view the token, but note it down.

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I used c URL which I found to be pretty clean and easy to use.