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People resources dating manhattan

Maintenance of matriculation without attending classes is limited to one year. Change of Status Upon the satisfaction of all academic and/or technical deficiencies, the special matriculant must make a written request to the Graduate Business chair the removal of deficiencies.Application forms are available in the Office of the Graduate Business chair.Transfer credit must be advanced work and is limited to six credits for courses with a grade of B or better completed within the five-year period prior to admission to the M. Maintenance of Matriculation It is expected that students will fulfill the requirements for their graduate degree by registering over successive sessions.For cohort programs, registration is required during summer session(s).Capstone Advisement It is expected that Capstone students shall make satisfactory progress with their program's culminating activity.After the student registers for all sections of their Capstone requirement, they will be given one subsequent term to complete their work.Such determination is made in consultation with the student at the time of admission. They must also submit catalog descriptions, if requested. Advanced graduate courses are defined as all courses offered by the Graduate M. To satisfy the elective requirement, a student may take any course included in the various Areas of Concentration.Students should have received grades of at least 3.0 (B) in two relevant undergraduate courses for each General Business Core course to be waived. In the event of disagreement by a student that general core course must be taken, the student may take an examination administered by the Graduate Business chair to demonstrate proficiency. For a concentration, three out of these four courses must be in the same area.

Transfer Credits Advanced graduate courses taken at other graduate schools of business prior to admission to the M. Such courses may be used to meet elective requirements, provided the student requests the transfer of credit in writing at the time of application. A maximum of six credits may be considered for transfer.

The General Business Core courses not only provide a valuable basic groundwork for advanced studies; they also offer an opportunity to explore the various fields of business administration in selecting an area of concentration for in-depth study. The remaining three credits may be selected from MBAA 604 or ACCT 742.

Waiver of General Business Core Courses General Business Core courses (except for MBAA 535) may be waived when it is determined by the Gradate Business chair or designee that equivalent work has been completed elsewhere or the student has successfully completed the Turbo Program. Areas of Concentration - Electives - 12 - 15 credits (depending on capstone) Students are required to take 15 credits of advanced graduate work beyond the Advanced Core. Program numbered 700 to 800, and courses listed under the Areas of Concentration.

Human Resource Management This concentration provides preparation for careers in the field of human resource management.

The courses examine various areas of human resource management, including quality measurement techniques, employment law, recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation, benefits and labor relations.

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International Business The International Business concentration focuses on decision-making in an international context and prepares professionals for positions within multinational organizations.

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