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I USE A WINCHESTER BOLT ACTION DEER RIFLE, AN OVER AND OVER WINCHESTER 101 shotgun and a Smith and Wesson ultralite 5 shot 38 hammerless revolver for protection in the home.You people are unpatriotic thinking you need and have the right to semi auto weapons with high capacity magazines.I'd like to tell them though a story that our weapons instructors told us in basic training about the M-16.When that weapon was introduced and replaced the M-14 and M1.So, to this day there are people who carry a hand gun that throws the largest chunk of lead because they believe "bigger is better." As my weapons instructor said though, "a well placed round on the target is better than a large chunk of lead that lands in the dirt or a tree somewhere." I carry a Kel Tec P32 (I'm taking it to a gun smith somewhere today, and came across your article) and I also carry a S&W Air Lite PD .38 Special with the titanium 5 round chamber.With MS, PMR, torn tendons, bad knees and bifocal glasses these days, and the lifetime ability I will always carry with me of "situational awareness" (I'm always looking in my rear view mirror and over my shoulder) a Kel Tec P32 is a great choice over my Colt 45 Series 80 MK IV National Match, that my dad gave me for my 50th birthday.Droid April 4, 2017 Jeff I look at the Gunblast website at least once a day and use the archives for information about guns, ammo... I hope all of you involved in the making of Gunblast never tire of running his excellent treatment of The Battle Cry of Freedom to open and close your presentations and accompany the closeup firearm tours. Last August, I dropped a very heavy floor jack on my right foot. Luckily I had some left over (yet expired) pain meds in my briefcase I carry everywhere, and was able to take one and then off to the doctor.I am also an Army volunteer who at age 19 while at my first duty station at Fort Bragg, asked my boss - Command Sergeant Major Roy Marvin Batton if I could get orders to Vietnam.

[NAME WITHHELD] February 6, 2017 Thanks for that info, and your service, Sir.

Ego and bravado runs deep in this part of Texas and sometimes intellect takes a back seat to that.

I don't tell the young dudes I've probably launched more lead out of a barrel of a weapon by the time I was 21, than they probably will in an entire lifetime.

I particularly like the straightforward writing style and lack of "Bro" style language or hype.

The videos are fun, pleasant and informative as well. Erwin January 18, 2017 Jeff, Thank you for doing such a good job making informative videos. You have helped me in so many ways to climb the learning curve by explaining things in straightforward terms I can understand.

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I learn more from you in 5 minutes than I can from reading a book. May God bless you and keep you, John Starkey - Gainesville, Florida January 15, 2017 In 1930 gangsters were using full auto Thompson 45's to rob and kill so the govt banned full auto weapons. I have hunted since I was 10 shot deer, moose, caribou and geese and also trapped.

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