Physical attraction attachment styles and dating development

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If you go along with this strategy even though what you truly crave is consistency and stability, you may end up attracting someone who doesn’t feel comfortable with being too close.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve by saying “I need someone who’s there for me and that I can rely on” or “my parents were always very close to each other.

Now think about this position that you’re trying to fill. What are a few “smoke signals” that people can be on the lookout for when they’re dating that may indicate whether a person has an Avoidant or Anxious attachment style?

We think the most important thing to look out for is this: Is this person able to make my well-being a priority? If not, check for other tell-tale signs that you’re dating someone with an avoidant attachment style. Does she or he say intimate things like “when we move in together” and later act as though you don’t have a future together? The longer answer is—”But not necessarily when you most desperately want to.” People’s attachment styles change over time.

The very fact that an instant fix can occur when we get back with that person, even if he or she is bad news for us, is the reason why many people return again and again to the their ex despite their better judgment.

But if you understand attachment you’re one step ahead of the game.

If you’re single and looking for the right partner, this information can set you on the right track from the very get go since you can learn how to figure out a potential partner’s attachment style early on and find the right match.

Think about it: if you were interviewing people to fill in a position at work, would you ask indirect questions and avoid asking crucial ones just so they will take the job?Does he or she have a history of not being able to maintain a long-term relationship? Research shows that one in four people will change their attachment style over a four-year period.People usually say everything about themselves early on—you just need to know what to listen for and keep your eyes open. Change occurs mostly when you get into a relationship that really shakes your beliefs about love.In this case, you’ll need to work together to get on track.It takes two for this particular tango so make sure your partner wants to change.

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