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Purchase Order Header table -- when the credit rating of the specified vendor is set to 5 (below average). An INSTEAD OF trigger on the view must handle these types of expressions.Duration: min Summary: Triggers are PL/SQL blocks associated with tables, views or a schema.Low Credit',' TR') IS NOT NULL DROP TRIGGER Purchasing. The following rules regarding when an INSERT or UPDATE statement referencing a table with an INSTEAD OF trigger must supply values for columns are the same as if the table did not have an INSTEAD OF trigger: USE Adventure Works2012; GO CREATE VIEW dbo. Complex expressions can reference multiple columns, yet the inserted and deleted tables have only one value for each inserted row.Low Credit; GO -- This trigger prevents a row from being inserted in the Purchasing. Purchase Order Header AFTER INSERT AS IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM Purchasing. Employee Names (Business Entity ID, LName, FName) AS SELECT e. The same issues apply to simple expressions in a view if they reference a computed column that has a complex expression.The preferred storage for large data is to use the varchar(max), nvarchar(max), and varbinary(max) data types.Both AFTER and INSTEAD OF triggers support varchar(max), nvarchar(max), and varbinary(max) data in the inserted and deleted tables.

What I think you're saying is that table 2 is a duplicate of table 1.The examples contained in this video explain every detail of DML (Data Manipulation Language) triggers and also how to create a simple DDL (Data Definition Trigger).This trigger takes advantage of the triggers ability to determine which event was executed. Sometimes the : OLD and : NEW reference is confusing. Because the trigger executes after the insert event, if the insert fails, the trigger will not fire.For more information, see Create DML Triggers to Handle Multiple Rows of Data. The format of the inserted and deleted tables is the same as the format of the table on which the INSTEAD OF trigger is defined. The select list of a view can also contain expressions that do not directly map to a single base-table column.USE Adventure Works2012; GO IF OBJECT_ID (' Purchasing. Each column in the inserted and deleted tables maps directly to a column in the base table. Some view expressions, such as a constant or function invocation, may not reference any columns and can be ignored.

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