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When they are being spotlighted by white folks it is in a fetishized manner.

Black women are either high sex or the help, not the CEO, the lawyer, or the banker.

Dubbed GQ for the "unconventionally masculine," dapper Q is a queer fashion revolution, one of the most stylish forms of protest of our generation.

Dating apps are all the rage right now and are very much a part of the millennial landscape.

What I once saw as maternal nurturing from those I dated, I’ve grown to see as internalized white guilt. ~ In this series I will be bringing in the voices of QPOC of all gender identities and white or white passing folks who date POC.Eyes that turn from longing to anger when they see who she is with: me.Historically in America, Black men have been painted as brutes, as strong working bulls who do so well in the fields because they are essentially animals. The fear of the white man, a savage, a sambo could be lusted after by someone who should only have eyes for them? Despite all of the damage that white men have done for centuries both to Black men and arguably much worse to Black women, we have bitten back.You can read more of Ryley's work on the Huffington Post and on his blog Queergrub.dapper Q is the premier style and empowerment website for masculine presenting women, gender queers, and trans-identified individuals.

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As I scream Black Lives Matter on the streets, the phone I hold in my hand is illuminated with a notification: a text from a white girl. The chauvinist in them that insists on opening doors for women quickly devolves into the pompous racist who lets doors slam in my face.