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Polycom 330 updating initial configuration

These are all of the troubleshooting steps which a Switchvox support representative will guide you through if you call in for assistance on Phone Setup.Please follow this troubleshooting guide step by step and don't skip ahead as many of these steps will not produce the intended results if performed out of order.

The software running the basic functionality of devices like an IP phone, a cell phone or even a remote control is called “Firmware”.The general concept is to reinstall the software that is running on the IP phone.By doing that, you will end up with a phone that works exactly like it did when it left the factory.Open the Pump KIN TFTP program, and press the options button. Pump KIN will just ask if you want to give whatever your phone connects with access. Pump KIN might ask if you want to give access to a new connection – select “yes”.Set the TFTP filesystem root (download path) to where you placed the extracted files (tftp-root). Next set “Read Request Behavior” to “Give all files” and “Write Request Behavior” to “Take all files”. You’ll start seeing some activity in pumpkin when this process starts.

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You can name it absolutely anything you want, but I’ll refer to this directory as tftp-root from this point on.