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My only issue was that I wanted it to be someone that neither of us knew and we ended up agreeing to try it on New Year's eve.The plan was to go to a club where I would pretend to not know her and let her go wild on the dance floor looking for someone to share a new years kiss with.Here I am waiting for my wife to come home from fucking someone and I am excited. I am looking to just share my feelings at the moment. I met this couple online and we have been texting and exchanging pics for 2 weeks or so.They had done some softswapping with a couple but never full on but they wanted to try.I was on my laptop playing music to listen to while we talked.

I end up staying with the men who enjoy it, since the ones who don't tend to run away really fast, if they're smart.

I have never seen her in it yet despite buying it, she wants to "save it" (she does have this btw).

I go all out for the evening, buying her flowers, treating her special, taking her out to a really nice dinner and paying for it.

My boyfriend at the time was a classic "gamer guy".

Kinda chubby, low paying job, lazy, and (most relevantly) a tiny dick. Hi, I have always fantasized about my wife fucking other men and last Sunday while on holidays with the kids, she did just that.

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Long conversation short her response was an emphatic "Sure! Crisis averted and knew I'd found someone even more special than I'd originally thought. So my 25 year old friend wants to fuck my 50 year old wife.

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