Redating the reign of hatshepsut dating in middle east

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Redating the reign of hatshepsut

If Shoshenq were Shishak, then Shoshenq attacked his friend and ignored his enemy.Furthermore, the phonetics of these two pharaohs’ names only sound similar in transliterated form, not in the original languages.Shoshenk I, because he was the choice of Champollion, and because this identification is still, to this day, purportedly a biblically-based pillar of Egyptian chronology – namely, the 5 year campaign of Shoshenk I.Thutmose III, because he alone is, according to my revision – with his co-ruler Hatshepsut as a contemporary of Solomon’s (following Velikovsky) – historically appropriate for “Shishak”.We need to always be like the Bereans, who were commended because they “searched the Scriptures daily” (), measuring all we “know” according to God’s Word and not being too stubborn to change any unscriptural ideas we may have”.Professor James Henry Breasted considered the warlike Eighteenth Dynasty pharaoh, Thutmose III (c.

But when further analysis produced discrepancies with the Bible, the biblical Egyptologists of the time dropped the ball.

In this way the reign of Thutmose III, includ­ing that of Thutmose II and Queen Hatshepsut, was “astronomically fixed” as from May 3, 1501 to March 17, 1447 BC …”.

For a more detailed analysis of the Sothic dating method, see my: The Fall of the Sothic Theory: Egyptian Chronology Revisited This artificial system has yielded (as we have already learned) wildly inaccurate dates for Eighteenth Dynasty figures such as Hatshepsut and Thutmose III, who were, in actual fact, C10th BC figures.

They held on to their original interpretations of the evidence even when it forced clear discrepancies with the Bible.

In creation ministry, we also sometimes discover that models or arguments once popular among Christians, when examined more closely, actually conflict with new discoveries or, even more importantly, with Scripture.

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Because of this faulty identification of Shoshenq with Shishak, Egyptologists ignored the rest of the biblical facts relating to the geography and characters involved.

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