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When Blair's bulimia spirals out of control, she is sent to Yancy Academy ; a school for the troubled.

There she meets Percy Jackson, and their story begins.

It looked like the ultimate high school scenario; with the jocks, cheerleaders, Goths, and nerds. I was walking aimlessly when a person bumped into me. I laughed."Hey, I want you to meet my best friend." He said. " he then called out, and a black boy with crutches went near us."Perce!

I walked into the reception (yes, this school has a reception) and talked the woman behind the table."Hi. I dropped the things I was holding and my bag, and I waited for the impact of the fall to come to me, but it never did.

And knowing how persistent they both are, there's no argument that I will forgive them.

But I am not yet sure if I am ready to forgive them, maybe sooner or later. Gossip Girl will clearly have a field day with my return, and so will everyone.

I may be a school for the troubled, but ain't I one too? So that's how I found myself staring at the Yancy Academy gates.

The school looked alright, it certainly looked like a private school. Here is your class schedule, and also a map for the school, in case you find it hard to adjust here.

I don't have control over it anymore; in a matter of time I would ruin myself. But more than that, both of them were supposed to be my best friends.

Lee statue, and one counter protester was killed in a car ramming attack.

In their responses on social media, both drew comparisons to the dark history of Berlin.

I pondered on this for a moment, and I guess my mother was right.

If I return to Constance, there's no doubt Chuck and Nate would try their best to get my forgiveness.

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They would feast their eyes on me, pointing and whispering shamelessly.

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