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Among the juiciest, he has been known to hang out with Prince Andrew and is believed to be a close friend of supermodel Naomi Campbell, with the two seen getting cozy at a Stevie Wonder performance in Hyde Park last summer.There was some talk about whether Rihanna and Campbell were still friends, after they unfollowed each other on social media, though Campbell has denied there was any problem between them, the Daily News said.Various outlets have since identified the mystery man, and he turns out to a very, very rich businessman from Saudi Arabia who also owns his own professional soccer league. But he’s much, much richer than Rihanna, who wealth is valued in the mere million range.Jameel is heir to his family’s Abdul Latin Jameel company, which holds the distribution rights for Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia.Most definitely, having philanthropic interests can lend a billionaire a veneer of nobility — as in he is therefore able to show care and compassion for those much less fortunate than him.It looks like Jameel’s do-gooder side is pretty ambitious.

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In any case, Jameel is rich and has celebrity friends, which certainly puts him in the diva’s league.

But what might give him a romantic edge over other socially connected billionaires who might come into Rihanna’s orbit is that he appears to have a pretty extensive do-gooder side.

During the interview, she claimed that "every" attractive man that she runs into nowadays is White. Stupidity has never had more clearer lines than interracial mixers and mixing. It's just part of the social engineering they are up to and the media is the tool.

Here are her exact words: I wouldn't have wanted to date White guys before, but they're killing it right now - Justin Timberlake, Orlando Bloom, Paul Walker ... Funny how they fail to alert the white women on how they usually end up.

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Black men wanting white women, black women wanting white men.

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