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CX3, J4M, 5AM, etc) S = Service: Clasp replaced during a "S"ervice.

On the older paper warranties (prior to 2006 and the plastic card warranty) there is a model number and a dial code.

The warranties after 2006 just list the watch model code. 0 = Smooth/Domed 1 = Engine Turned 2 = Engraved 3 = Fluted 4 = Bark 5 = Pyramie (Not Used) 6 = Turn-O-Graph 7 = Various 8 = Special (Not Currently Used) 9 = Open (Not Currently Used) The next (sixth) digit is the metal code.

The model code that is both on the warranty as well as in catalogs breaks down as follows: First three digits designates model on traditional Rolex models: 140 = Oyster Perpetual Air King and Submariner 142 = Oyster Perpetual Chronometer 34mm and Explorer 152 = Oyster Perpetual Date - Mens 34 mm 162 = Oyster Perpetual Date Just – Mens 36mm 165 = Explorer II 166 = Submariner – Sea Dweller – Ya.phpaster 40mm 167 = GMT Master II 170 = Oyster Quartz Date Just 189 = Oyster Perpetual Special Edition 190 = Oyster Quartz Day-Date 1165 Cosmograph Daytona 1182 Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 1183 Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Serti (With Diamonds) After 2004-2006, the newer Rolex models have an extra 1 preceeding the model number. In the case of a 16710, the 0 signifies stainless steel.

For example, a II 54, indicated for the second quarter of 1954 .

One good resourcefor serial number reference and research is the Vintage Rolex Forum serial number project.

The case numbers below roughly indicates the year the watch case was produced and distributed to Authorized Dealers (ADs).

The case serial number does not indicate when the watch movement was produced which increases the possibility that the movement is older than the watch case.

The case number is located between the lugs at PM, and on newer Rolex models starting in 2003 the serial number is located on the Rolex-Rolex-Rolex rehaut at the o'clock position.

For example a GMT 1675 and a 16750 utilize the same insert.

Sapphire crystalled GMT models use the same inserts.

The Rolex Date is one of the most classic Rolex models to date.

With hundreds of different variations, the pre-owned Rolex Date can be some of the more affordable used Rolex watches on the market.

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A clasp code of OP9 indicates the clasp/bracelet was manufactured in 2006, and the number indicates the month of September.

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