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Although 3 weekends are not a whole heap of time to really get a good feel for the place I also have information from numerous contacts I have built up there and from chat with the chicks I have hooked up with also.However I not only welcome but encourage other RVFers with more experience of living in Jakarta to contribute below. I'm sure you will both agree and disagree with a lot of the below but please add your input below so we have the most well rounded and complete datasheet as possible in one thread.And sometimes even getting to B isn't even possible without crossing 6 lanes of traffic then climbing over a wall.When booking a weekend there always seems to be good options on airbnb even at short notice, just try and stay south/central to be near all the good bars/clubs where you plan to go.Note as well the shitty road layout means that often to get somewhere involves driving 2 miles in the wrong direction just to get to a U turn spot. For a capital city, there are surprisingly few ex pat/white dudes kicking about the place say as compared to Manila/Bangkok etc.

One big ugly concrete jungle and all you're gonna hear about it how bad the traffic is.

However, nice as the malls are, unfortunately it seems as soon as you set foot outside you are straight back into concrete shithole land.

I wasnt able to see any particularly nice central surrounding areas in general, however i didnt do much exploring around during the day (as normally sleeping off the prior night 9am finish hangover).

I'll not go into detail on that as you'll hear enough about it from everyone else.

Just set aside A LOT of time for getting from A to B, as B will be either 15 minutes or 2 hours away depending on the time of day.

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Currently my favourite city to party in SE Asia, it seems like every time I go I punch massively above my weight compared to the other SE Asian cities I have been to (tho naturally you punch above your weight most places in SE Asia anyway).

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