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Paul, secie- tary of the board of state charities, then read the principal paper of the forenoon upon "Immigration and Crime." All Will Be in Readiness for Tomorrow's Opening.

Prohi Wtion candidate fo^ president; airived in Pittsburg this morning and opened the campaign the P (hibitionist.s of Penn.sylvana Cainegie hall this morning, cring was accompanic.l by Hale Johnso i ot lllno'is.

i liinminiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiimiunniiniiiiiniiiniiiiiinoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiminumiiiiiiiiiiii^ Wbahington, Sept. 29.— It is under- stood that Chairman Bu Jler and &cre- ;a;-y Edgerton have prepared an ad- dress to the American people on behalf of the Populist national commit lee, s-;t- ting forth the position of the Populist party in the present campaign.

The present plan includes a run hi to Michigan as far as Grand Rapids. From the last named city they will go to Iowa, visiting all the larger cities of that state.

• It was cons'an may have produced, but will create an interest in the national Demo- cratic ticket which will find an echo In the balloting in No N'-mber.

29.— Commander Bxkth Tucker, of the Salvation Army, is in this city today. 29.— The act-ion of the Jockey club in ruling off Riley G;an)nan, and refusing entries of Will Wallace, two noted young Kentucky tu-f men. Th.r fonsensus of opinion among br^ed- ■ •'•'; uid tu:-f men Is that th?

Symiathy is all with the two young turfmen, who hav-^ the cleinest rec- ords. for New York tomorrow, will takt- among her passengers Dean Harri--, of Toronto, who was ot.e of the Camad Lan delegates to the Irish naf'nial conven- tirn, and Governor Blak?

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General Booth's Representative Arrived This Morning. This is probably the greatest day the Salvatio^i Arnay of Duluth has ever known, for this morning there arrived in the city Commissioner Higglne.

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