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77), expanded trespass to include the following: "may drive off the settler, or punish him in such manner as they shall think fit;" Treaty with France, April 30, 1803 (8 Stat. Article VI, of subject treaty contained the following guarantee: ... The lands granted by this agreement and convention to the said band or tribe of Shawnee, shall not be sold or ceded by them, except to the United States.

The United States promise to execute such treaties and articles as may have been agreed between Spain and the tribes and nations of Indians, until, by mutual consent of the United States and the said tribes or nations, other suitable articles shall have been agreed upon... 148) The May 28, 1830 Act of the Congress of the United States, (4 Stat. And the United States guarantee that the said lands shall never be within the bounds of any state or territory, nor subject to the laws thereof: And further, that the President of the United States will cause said tribe to be protected at their intended residence, against all interruptions or disturbances from any other tribe or nations of Indians, or from any other person or persons whatever... The jurisdiction of the territory created by the Kansas Organic Act, as to rights of the Indians within subject territory was not to extend to the Indians, their rights of person or property, "so long as such rights should remain unextinguished by treaty with them".

War or Peace with the United Tribe of Shawnee Indians.

All concerned "shall" comply with the mandatory command of the word "shall" as contained the United States Constitution, United States Treaties with the Shawnee and others and the Kansas Acts.

Oyler, Principal Chief United Tribe of Shawnee Indians P. Box 637 Shawnee Reserve 206 De Soto, Kansas 66018 913-583-3236 E-Mail [email protected] 16, 1996 The Honorable Bill Graves, Governor State Capitol, 2nd.

785-532-6220CARE provides confidential services and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual harassment and education around related topics.785-532-6444The Crisis Center provides K-State's Manhattan campus and community free, confidential, 24-hour assistance, advocacy, hotline services and safe shelter for those who have experienced sexual or domestic violence.785-539-2785Counseling Services provides confidential, brief intervention in a student's life that may assist in decision making, skill building or mental health support with the overriding goal to assist students maintaining successful academic progress.785-532-6927Family Center provides systemically-oriented counseling services concentrating on the needs of the individual within the context of relationships and families.785-532-6984Lafene Heath Center offers K-State students comprehensive, high quality, easily accessible, affordable outpatient health care including services necessary following a physical or sexual assault.785-532-6544Via Christi Hospital provides the K-State community with emergency services including a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program that can assist in the forensic evidence collection after a physical or sexual assault.785-776-3322Wildcat Walk provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week safe escort services to meet students on-campus and walk them to another on-campus destination or up to two blocks off-campus.785-395-7233Provide a safe ride home for K-State students and guests who live within the designated city limits of Manhattan, Kansas, from Thursday through Saturday night, from 11 p.m.I will meet with you at any public location, where the press is present, if you select peace and state you will comply with the Constitution, United States Treaties with the Shawnee and others and the Kansas Acts. Oyler BEFORE THE BOARD OF TAX APPEALS OF THE STATE OF KANSAS (BOTA) Shawnee Indian Jimmie D.The choice is up to you Governor Graves, what shall your answer be? Oyler ) for himself and other tribal ) members of the United Tribe of ) Shawnee Indians, ) In the matter of the ) Appeal of taxes imposed v. Oyler by the Dir of Taxation Kansas Department of Revenue. 93-9368-DT MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION OF THE BOTA'S DECISION DATED 10 JANUARY, 1996, BECAUSE THE DECISION OF THE BOTA TO TAX SHAWNEE INDIANS WITHIN SHAWNEE INDIAN COUNTRY IS UNLAWFUL AND VIOLATES THE U. CONSTITUTION, UNITED STATES TREATIES WITH THE SHAWNEE AND OTHERS AND THE KANSAS ACTS, AND MOTION THE GOVERNOR, THE SECRETARY OF REVENUE AND THE BOTA SHOW EVIDENCE AND AUTHENTICATION THAT THE CONGRESS HAS GRANTED KANSAS CIVIL JURISDICTION (TAX AND REGULATION) AUTHORITY OVER SHAWNEE INDIAN'S WHO ARE TRIBAL MEMBERS OF THE UNITED TRIBE OF SHAWNEE INDIANS WITHIN SHAWNEE INDIAN COUNTRY, AND DEMAND WITH WARNING TO THE GOVERNOR, SECRETARY OF REVENUE AND THE BOTA FOR RETURN OF INDIAN PROPERTY, COST FOR LEGAL FEES AND LOST INCOME.Dear Governor Graves: Attached you will find a copy of Motions with Demand and Warning to you, the Secretary of Revenue and the BOTA.The State of Kansas and all political subdivisions thereof to include your office, your politically appointed Department of Revenue and your politically appointed Board of Tax Appeals (BOTA) has one of two choices.

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JUSTIFICATION FOR THE ABOVE MOTIONS AND DEMAND WITH WARNING CONGRESSIONAL POWER OF CONGRESS OVER INDIAN TREATIES AND COMPENSATION UNDER THE FIFTH AMENDMENT TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION Indian treaties were, and remain today, the Supreme law of the land, superior to the laws of any state, and protected by Article VI of the United States Constitution. The Commerce Clause provide as follows: "Powers delegated to congress" ... The judicial power of the United States shall be vested in one Supreme Court...

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