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The allusion is probably to the snorting noises of swine being herded to market.This expression is apparently an elaboration of the phrase to drive pigs ‘to snore,’ dating from the early 19th century.forty winks A brief nap; a short period of relaxation.This is a major blow to their plans for world domination and now they view him as a real threat.

slang), snooze (informal), snore, hibernate, nod off (informal), take a nap, catnap, drowse, go out like a light, take forty winks (informal), zizz (Brit.""She sent the gentle sleep from Heaven,""That slid into my soul" [Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Ancient Mariner]"Come, sleep, O sleep, the certain knot of peace,""The baiting place of wit, the balm of woe" [Philip Sidney Astrophil and Stella]"to sleep: perchance to dream" [William Shakespeare Hamlet]"sleep the twin of death" [Homer Iliad]"The sleep of a labouring man is sweet" Bible: Ecclesiastes"Care-charmer Sleep, son of the sable Night,""Brother to Death, in silent darkness born" [Samuel Daniel Delia]"Care-charming Sleep, thou easer of all woes,""Brother to Death" [John Fletcher Wit Without Money]"I sleep like a baby.Sett i ett näringsperspektiv behöver barnet inget nattmål om det äter tillräckligt under dagen, men ofta har barnet vant sig vid det här målet och fortsätter att vakna under natten.Det är alltså inte som så många hoppas: att barnet automatiskt sover hela natten så fort det börjar äta fast föda.Vissa barn som redan har lärt sig sova hela natten börjar vakna igen under den här perioden. Påtagliga ”hopp” i utvecklingen kan störa dygnsrytmen.

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He was so upset with the banksters in his temple, he tipped over their tables and drove them out with a whip.

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