Signs you are dating the wrong girl speed dating marin county

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Signs you are dating the wrong girl

I’ve seen people dive head first into a relationship with someone, swear off all other members of the opposite sex right away, and end up hurt. If we begin to feel someone slowly slipping away from us, some of us may find it natural to try harder and to put more effort in to keep them around.

There will be someone who comes along and accepts you for you…

This is where it’s key for the relationship to have healthy communication.

Taking guesses at what might “fix” a problem is simply a band-aid solution.

Of course, no relationship is 100 percent perfect, but if you begin to feel down when they’re not around (and not because you’re missing them), this could be a sign of your true feelings coming to the surface.

The only way to lead a happy, fulfilling life is to first be true to yourself, and what you want and need.

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Her kind, brown eyes whispered, “let’s have an adventure” and her smile was like a crazy NASA invention that magnetically forced a grin across my boyish face.

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