Sophos update manager stopped updating

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Patch assessment enables you to reduce the attack surface of your computer systems, with the minimum effort, by accurately identifying missing patches on each endpoint and displaying this information centrally in the Sophos Enterprise Console.Sophos Labs provides ratings that help you determine the most critical patch issues so that you can resolve these quickly and spend less time patching.The main benefit is for Windows operating system files which are used during startup.By allowing these files to run without scanning we have reduced startup time considerably.

Maximum database size To enable Enterprise Console to communicate with managed workstations, open TCP ports 81 on the computer where the Enterprise Console management server is installed.

Like web content scanning, this feature supports the five major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Web control can be used in two different modes: If there are conflicting or overlapping entries in the 'Block' and 'Allow' lists, the entries in the Block list will always take precedence.

This release of Sophos NAC simplifies policy by omitting default profile definition for new minor revisions of Sophos endpoint software.

These new revisions can still be detected by using the existing profiles, which are not targeted at a specific minor revision.

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The Patch Assessment and Web Control features are not included with all licenses.

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