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Speed dating flashback

Igarashi began working as a programmer for Konami in 1990, and he had his eyes set on designing a Castlevania game from day one.While toiling away on the development of his cheerful yet cheesy dating sim, Igarashi worked directly next to the teams creating the more tantalizing Castlevania series, a popular franchise that had already seen a dozen successful installments.Of course, Cisco points out the obivous absence of Barry. Joe also tries to get Iris to take a break to grieve, but this upsets her and she leaves. Back at her apartment she settles in when the building shakes and things explode. Keeping with theme Iris is upset and wants only to focus on the task of defeating the samurai. He goes to a bar and finds Caitlin tending bar there. In early Japanese PC culture, dating sims were a thriving subgenre, specifically bishōjo games – “pretty girl games" – where choices made in a largely text-based experience encouraged players to interact with, date, and ultimately seduce a variety of digital anime women.If you worked out at the gym, liked the right movies, and had the right blood type (Japan’s cultural equivalent to astrological personality types), the games' women would compete for your attention. I promise this relates to your favorite Castlevania game.Toru Hagihara, who had previously directed the immaculate Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, led the development team on Symphony of the Night until Igarashi moved in.

Ask a contrarian hipster and they’ll claim it’s the exuberantly experimental Castlevania: Bloodlines for the Sega Genesis.

But ask anyone else (please) and the near-unanimous response will be 1997’s crowd-pleasing, lavishly indulgent Play Station game, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

As the moon circumnavigates the earth for the 260th time since the game's release (or in mortal terms, its 20th anniversary) on March 20, what better time to wind back the clock's hands and revisit one of gaming’s perennial horror classics.

We open with Iris doing the voiceover, giving us a quick update as to how things have been going in the six months since Barry entered the Speed Force. Iris tries to explain things to Barry but he keeps drawing and talking gibberish. He freaks out until Caitlin stops him with what looks like Captain Cold’s gun. Wally tires to trick him into thinking he’s the Flash, but the samurai isn’t falling for it. Caitlin says she’s back on the team, which is nice, but then she goes to the bar to quit her job and that goes oddly.

It turns out that she’s been running Team Flash (or Team Kid Flash. Wally and Cisco and Joe go after a teleporting bad guy while Iris commands the team from STAR Labs, but Wally and Cisco get the job done with Joe locking the teleporter down for arrest with what appears to be some new meta-catching tech. The gang goes to see Barry when he’s brought to the police department, but it’s not the Barry we now. Meanwhile at the lab, Cisco thinks he can decipher what Barry has been scribbling, but the translation is weird: “This house is bitchin’.” No one knows what that means. Killer Frost makes an appearance which means that Caitlin doesn’t quite have control.

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With Hagihara’s underlying design sensibilities already in play on Symphony of the Night, Igarashi sought to further broaden Castlevania's appeal when he began his work as an assistant director.