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Speed dating in central london

Finally, that same agenda only features two items of significance and these are closely related.

It is also notable that the previous Finance & Policy Committee meeting was held on 16th February, whilst the Rail & Underground Panel is meeting on 24th February and the Finance & Policy Committee is meeting yet again on the 2nd March.

Currently the Victoria line runs trains every 105 seconds in the peak between Brixton and Seven Sisters.

This rounds down to 34tph but is actually slightly better than that – 34.28tph.

The agenda also suggested that the public and press would be barred from some of the discussion.These have been replaced with modern trains (with decent acceleration) and the current state-of-the-art ATO system, which has been a definite success story.The changes on the Victoria line may not have been dramatic but they been continual and, even if change has been gradual and incremental over many years, the line is a vast improvement on what it was just five years ago.Indeed the challenge of procuring more trains and finding the depot space for them would probably discourage any such plans on its own.This does not mean that the line will be forgotten, as both Oxford Circus and Walthamstow Central are on Tf L’s top ten hit list of stations in need of a major capacity upgrade.

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A huge increase in usage at Walthamstow Central due to changing travel patterns and area demographics means it is now busier than Seven Sisters.

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