Speed dating in norwich ct

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Speed dating in norwich ct

I put this down to the fact that I never watch the news, or anything else for that matter, on television over here.I use the television to watch films on Netflix or Amazon Prime. As you know by now Irma is on her way but at the moment no one knows where she will land; it could be southern Florida or central Florida or even as high up as the Carolinas.A nice lady said she would try and find out where I was by using my phone.I gave her an idea of where I was and asked her to call Kate and get a towing truck out to me as soon as possible. Yes, I said, I would sell my body right now to get out of here!Tom told me yesterday that if I have a long enough electric cable, which I have, then he will let me plug into his generator. I spent yesterday and today making some preparations, for example moving all outside furniture into the garage and anything that is lying around which could become a missile.I have a huge gazebo covering the hot tub which had to come down before Irma takes it down for me.

After about half an hour I tried to cross a water-filled pot hole and, lo and behold, I got stuck.We chatted for a while and I told him about the other two vehicles ahead of me down the track.So he decided to get out his torch and off he went to see them for himself.The Florida Governor has already issued a state of emergency for all sixty-two counties in Florida. Yesterday Kate and I half-decided that we would leave and go to North Carolina but on second thoughts we have decided to stay put.I have just told my son in England that if our house is to sustain any damage due to the hurricane then we feel it is better to be here to try and mitigate any damage than to arrive back after a week and find the house damaged.

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  1. “That’s really important because in many places we have not yet reached the high point.” Police have advised up to 400 people to evacuate their homes and move possessions to the upper floors of their homes near rivers in York.

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