State of insanity chat site sign in acme dating phone

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State of insanity chat site sign in

Trevor J23 - Left us *stuck IRL* Umbriel_ - Often banned abusive user. Xx Nerdy Wifex X - A woman of strongly held opinions. This led to Gryljams' departure from the room in 2011. Eventually, Vfor Vendetta and a few other users attempted to revive the room.

What Arandom Name - "You can have it any genre, so long as it's metal." What Arandom Name goes by Warn, warn, WAr N, or anything along those lines. Xoxtifxox - Xox was one of the most mysterious regulars since the good old Absolute Absurdity days. It worked to some degree, so V was made the room owner, and shortly decided to change the room's name.

If you ask around, they may reminisce about the good old days.

As it was near the top of the list of chat rooms, it was frequented by trolls.

As such, V decided it would be best to change the room's name to something that wouldn't place it at the top of the list.Road Less Traveled is an English-speaking chat room on Kongregate. You walk down the path, the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet. Dravon - Biker that often sounds like a stream of consciousness. Not Metaltomato Came to us from parts unknown, dented and rusty. 11_Toes - our resident X-Man 4rkain3- The end of all things, The beginning of all dreams, The place of wonders, The time of secrets.You skirt the lake of fire and ice, you hang a left at the mended wall, and you don't stop till you've cleared the deep, dark woods. Egotistical Idiot - Careful, this ray of sunshine can burn. Greystripe11 - Silly Goose Heliarc - Our very own scrapper. He is a work in progress and, when he is not being a twerp, is an ok guy. Past Life17 - Moo Porter W - "The OG", alt Pyro Dragon - Full Name: P¥rσñîçù§Drαçóñì§ (Pyronicus Draconis) Destroyer of Cats and Bears, and Puncher of Faces; Burner of His Enemies and Petter of Puppies; Inventor, manufacturer, and dispenser of Über-Epic Huggle Sauce® “The Hugs you can eat! Pyro rarely makes sense,but when he does, his flawgic is lawless. Come join me in my domain, For here lie the hidden truths, Here the wind whispers, Here are your unrealized desires.She's not much of a public chatter, but she's most likely in another realm of chatting altogether! Once V took ownership of the room, its name was changed to Absolute Absurdity.There are still some regulars who remember the room when it was named this.

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There were many active regulars who would have lengthy conversations about almost anything!