Steve uster dating

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Steve uster dating

The traditional story has the dashing, golden-haired, buckskin-wearing Custer bravely making his Last Stand, holding out with awesomely courageous men who refused to back down against impossible odds.Cherished as a charismatic hero with an aura of righteous determination, in defeat he achieved the greatest of victories - for he would be remembered for all time.To the thousands of indian warriors howling their murderous war cries, it was just like hunting buffalo.Before them, hundreds of American soldiers were retreating in disarray, stumbling and dying on the grassy slope above the Little Bighorn River.Crucially, they were under strict orders not to attack until they were joined by thousands of cavalry reinforcements who would follow later.Custer's men marched in sweltering heat for five weeks amid a pungent stench of horsehair and human sweat.These were no longer government troopers but terrified members of a desperate mob.

So it was that Custer's famous Last stand turned from a battle into a bloody rout.In retreat, the troopers were being herded to a fording point across the river that was to become the scene of even worse slaughter as they floundered through the fast-flowing current. The slap of the horses' bellies as they hit the water reminded one indian warrior, Brave Bear, of 'cannon going off'.But the way out of the river on the other side was even more difficult - a V-shaped cut that barely accommodated a single horse.'I could see lots of blood in the water.' Private William Meyer was shot in the eye and killed instantly.Private Henry Gordon died when a bullet went through his windpipe.

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As for his army, far from being craggy-faced Marlboro men, nearly half were immigrants from England, Ireland, Germany and Italy.

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