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Learning from the woman that there were firearms in the residence, police officers obtained a search warrant and found two loaded firearms — a .22-calibre rifle without a trigger-lock in a garage and a loaded .410 shotgun with a trigger-lock in the master bedroom. The woman told police she had seen Christopher fire the rifle out the door of the garage and into the bush on an earlier date. Neither Christopher nor Roman had firearms possession licences.

On Wednesday, the two brothers entered guilty pleas to many of their charges.But she claims that last February, a 16-year-old student -- who has since been charged -- stole her phone. The student had been failing her computer class and ominously warned her: “Your day of reckoning is coming.” He then allegedly sent the images to other students, WSPA reports.She ended up being forced to resign over the affair then turned around and sued the school board and its former superintendent.When the officers dealt with Christopher and attempted to arrest him, he resisted arrest and told them “they were not that big with their equipment off and should f..k off.”He was forcibly handcuffed and taken into custody.Officers learned that Christopher, who was on probation at the time, had not completed his court-ordered PAR course.

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“It’s of paramount concern to denounce and deter these actions, which can only be described as being in the movies: to drug and drag a woman into a backhoe, into a residence where she wakes up completely nude.”Court heard Christopher repeatedly assaulted the woman who was drinking with them at their family’s Long Lake Road property in Sudbury the night of June 14, and forced her to down shots to the point where she began vomiting and losing consciousness.