Teen quiz about dating

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Teen quiz about dating

If your partner demands that you to change, or makes rude comments about your appearance that upset you or hurt your feelings, they are practicing abusive behaviors. In a healthy relationship both partners respect each other’s decisions, including what they decide to wear. When it comes to sex and sexual activity, do you and your partner communicate and make decisions together?

If your partner tries to pressure, convince, or beg you to have sex this is unhealthy and demonstrates disrespect toward you.

You can always call the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, a local program, or speak to a trusted adult or friend.

There are advocates who can talk you through the issues that are happening with your partner, help you find ways to tell your parents or trusted adults, and help you get help if you need it.

A partner who demands all your time or who tries to prevent you from spending time with family or friends is demonstrating controlling behavior.

This is a warning sign to you that the relationship may become abusive. It sounds like your partner respects your space and the relationships you have with others. Does your partner accuse you of cheating on them or constantly question who you’ve been around or spoken to?

Everyone has the right to keep certain things private. Does your partner get upset or jealous when you want to spend time with your family or friends?

It is, however, always best to be honest about things that affect the relationship. » Yes » No : In a healthy relationship, both partners respect each other’s space and relationships with others.

Trying to pressure, convince, or beg a partner to have sex is unhealthy and shows disrespect for your partner’s boundaries and feelings.If your partner ever uses force or threats to have sex with you, this is sexual assault or rape, please consult with the information in our site to get help.If your quiz responses indicate that your partner’s behavior is unhealthy or abusive please explore our site to learn more about abuse and consult our resources page if you’re interested in getting support or help.Trying to control your partner is a warning sign for abusive behavior. It sounds like you respect your partner’s space and their need to spend time with other people who are also important to them. Have you ever checked your partner’s phone or text messages without them knowing?» Yes » No : Checking someone’s messages without their permission violates their privacy and their trust in you.

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If they yell, cuss, or make you feel unsafe during disagreements, this is abuse, please consult with the information in our site to get help. Does your partner ever tell you to change because they don’t like what you’re wearing?