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The net announced earlier this month that radio personality Fearless Fred Kennedy from Edge 102.1 was taking over as the face of the two-hour block – previously dubbed Detour – which is going after the 18-34 demo.It’s also the first time that Teletoon has brought a host on board.Teletoon, Canada’s premiere animation channel has announced its Fall 2011 programming highlights.While anime fans won’t exactly be getting a feast from the cable channel, there’s certainly some programming to be excited over.Throughout the series, the setting of the show was never actually confirmed.Clone High was about a high school whose student body was composed entirely of clones of famous people in history.In 1999, the network actually cancelled the show just after five episodes, but Cartoon Network immediately picked it up after seeing that it had potential.

Somehow I ended up as the Content Strategist for Narcity Media. 80's remixes of contemporary songs are my guilty pleasure. My aesthetic is a wet slice of bread in a pink bathtub. Teletoon is getting ready to add some personality – and its very first personality – as Teletoon at Night launches this Sunday evening at 10 p.m.It will also air the Teletoon at Night Pilot Project, in which a number of pilots will get their chance on air.“We’re going to use this feedback on this platform to tell us what they think.

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In fact, he even ranked #57 in IGN's list of Top 100 Comic Book Heroes.