Template changes not updating blogger

Posted by / 11-Nov-2017 16:35

Formerly blogger has updated automatically and many blogger themes’ layout has broken for this update.

It’s looking similar to previous one but functionally this layout has improved from previous version. If widget is visible then it shows eye icon and if widget is not visible then it shows a slash on eye icon.

Because I have tried to integrate some script from new themes to old theme and many CSS script stopped working. Blogger has recently released new theme and you will see those theme’s layout, and widget version is bit different from older version.

Please have a look on the below Layout screenshot this is an old blogger layout that you are using in your default and custom blogger theme.Probably there is a reason behind this, if blogger rollover updates automatically then many themes’ backend and frontend will break instantly.It could badly affect all blogger default and custom themes.Recently in 2017, blogger has updated their layout to 3rd version but we can use both 2nd and 3rd version and blogger won’t force to automatic update.But you must update your blogger theme layout to use latest version of blogger widget.

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You will see many blogger theme that developed before 2016 their layout has completely broken.

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