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Texting and dating don39t mix

The data – collected by Cambridge Mobile Telematics from hundreds of thousands of drivers using its app – appear to strengthen the view that smartphones have made the nation’s highways more dangerous.The data also suggest that none of the laws that have been enacted so far have made a dent in the problem.The latest involves the March 29 crash between a pickup and a small church bus that killed 13 people on a rural road about 75 miles from San Antonio.A witness told the Associated Press that he was following the pickup before the crash and that the vehicle appeared to be traveling so erratically that the witness alerted authorities.At this point, with all of the past coffee invites and talk of possibly getting a drink that didn't contain caffeine, I was pretty sure he'd ask me to dinner sooner or later. He just kept asking me on ultra-casual coffee "dates."Long story short, I wasn't sure if this guy wanted a pal (I don't need any more guy friends, but thanks!) or if he was into me and was just busy that he couldn't go for a drink.We met, he seemed great, we talked about heading out in public the next time for a drink, which never ended up happening.

Young – told witness Jody Kuchler that he had been texting, the AP reports. I was texting,’” Kuchler was quoted by the AP as saying. He said, ‘I’m sorry I’m sorry.’” [New data on highway deaths suggests Congress needs to revisit speed limits, some advocates say] Of course, the young man’s sorry — just as wireless providers, smartphone makers and automakers and lawmakers are sorry. In states that ban all handheld mobile phone use, drivers spend an average of 3.17 minutes on the phone per 100 miles of driving, compared with 3.82 minutes in states that have no such laws.And yet the company, not unlike others that promote the use of driving apps, suggests that the technology that got us into this mess could get us out of it. Cambridge Mobile Telemetrics — a Massachusetts-based company that promotes a driving app – says data from hundreds of thousands of drivers shows that more than half of all trips that ended in a crash also involved a phone distraction.In nearly a quarter of accidents, the driver was using their phone within the minute up to the crash, possibly including the very moment of the crash, the company found.The company — whose apps accumulate driver data in six categories, including phone use while driving, speeding, braking, acceleration, cornering and time of driving — says sharing that information with users makes them better drivers.“Distracted driving due to smartphone use is intuitively blamed for the increase in road crashes and claims,” CMT’s chief technology officer Hari Balakrishnan said in a statement.

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