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A Facebook page titled “Milo for Rector – University of Glasgow” has garnered just over 3,000 likes.

The page, which refers viewers to the Kent-born journalist’s website, says: “Free speech matters, and electing Milo symbolises the end of the intolerant, authoritarian silence-everyone-who-disagrees-with-me attitude of these people.

An academic at the university is reportedly fearful of the prospect of a visit, with one unnamed professor predicting “riots”.

Mr Ameer Ibrahim, the President of Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council, said a hustings would take place for those nominated next Thursday but they had yet to receive confirmation Mr Yiannopoulos would be attending.

The current rector is exiled NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Other candidates nominated this year include human rights lawyer Aamer Anwar, former Liberal Democrat MP Vince Cable, Piss Pig Granddad, an American internet celebrity fighting with the People’s Defence Unit in Syria, and Lady Hazel Cosgrove, the first woman to be appointed a Senator of the College of Justice.

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You don’t waste any time on foreplay and you probably play rugby.Although the role of rector is a largely ceremonial one, the person in the position is supposed to chair the university’s court and be the voice of students among the higher tiers of the university.Candidates require the support of 10 students to get on the ballot paper.Mr Ibrahim emphasised the fact the university did not support hate speech, saying: “We do not support hate-speech; this includes any that could be extended from a member or prospective member of the University community and would anticipate that candidates will reflect this through an open campaign that is inclusive to all of our students throughout and after this election period.” Mr Yiannopoulos did not immediately respond to request for comment. Just like Hive, missionary is a reliable go to, and you're guaranteed a sweaty but distinctly average night.

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What’s more, an event featuring Mr Yiannopoulos, who recently used a talk to publicly name and mock a transgender student, was also called off after protests erupted in January.

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