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Amazing, try it, you'll buy it, if you buy from Zzounds, they will not disappoint.I wanted an amp that was a bit smaller than my 212 combo...For so few knobs however, it makes a LOT of sounds. There's a lot to learn here and it's a new way of looking at tone stacks.

The pedals I use are a small clone chorus, a Jet City "Flood" analogue delay pedal, a TS-9 tube screamer, and a Morley Zzounds is the music company that will be getting my business from here on out!!Purchase one of these fantastic Blackstar ht 40 amps from ZZOUNDS, you will not regret it! I have had 2 other Blackstar amps from ZZOUNDS, and I have never had any problems with my amps so I can't rate the service, but I did email Blackstar directly to let them know how much I loved my amps and they answered me back quickly, and told me Thank you, and if I need anything let them know, they will take care of my needs!! This amp by far (for me anyway) just hands down beats every one of them. It incredibly easy to find the sweet spot on this amp. I have had many combo amps in my 30 years playing and it is for sure one of the best!!! Compare to Marshall amp(and these guys are ex Marshall employees) to me they sound better, have more options and are more inexpensive than Marshall amp for what you get. It has 2 ECC83 pre-amp tubes and 2 EL34 power-amp tubes.Through multi-effects pedals, great sounding rooms, and great guitars, it is only fair to say that in my own little world of pop, blues, rock, and country, this amp really does it all.Not because I traded two amps for it, but because it is a pro quality top flight tool for producing the sounds I had only heard in my mind.

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I play "light" on my Epi Les Paul and my Fender Classic Player Strat, so I'll take all the amp-help I can get.

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