Tunisian dating scams

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She uses social media to assist other women who wish to do the same.

She has more than 2,000 Twitter followers, and distributes advice via an online guide: Biggest tip to sisters: don’t take detours, take the quickest route, don’t play around with your Hijrah [religious migration] by staying longer than 1 day for safety and get in touch with your contacts as soon as you reach your destination.

The online recruiters stress the pleasure of providing the domesticity that a warrior waging jihad needs and by doing so serving Islam. British officials are believed to have verified about twelve women who have gone to Syria to marry ISIS members. There have been several reports of European women traveling to Syria to join up with jihadists there.

In April, two Austrian girls, aged 15 and 16, went missing in Vienna and resurfaced in Syria. In May, 16-year-old British twins sneaked out of their home in Manchester and traveled to Syria to become jihadi brides.

The propaganda usually eschews the gore and barbaric images often included in the general fare of jihadist online posts, such as the beheadings last month of dozens of Syrian army soldiers after a base was overrun in the northern Syrian province of Raqqa.

When I found her listed on 5 dating sites in November, she denied any knowledge and said a friend who had her email password must have been involved.

The Tunisian Govt need to stop it - this can only be done with pressure from the British Govt.

Don'ts, when visiting Tunisia: As you may have guessed, a Tunisian man will want to be with you for one, two or three of these reasons - MONEY - VISA - SEX.

She adds: “Many people in present day do not understand…why a female would choose to make this decision.

They will point fingers and say behind your back and to your families’ faces that you are taking part in…sexual jihad.” This is human trafficking wearing a different mask.

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