Updating 1970s homes

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Updating 1970s homes

“We looked at many houses that had already been ‘flipped’ poorly,” she says, “all the original details removed, hard wood ripped up and replaced with laminate, basically, all the charm gone.” Luckily, after a few wrong turns, Sarah stumbled upon a true gem—a midcentury home that was still relatively intact.

After an evaluation by the contractor, it was determined that most of her siding was in good shape, aside from a few cracked pieces on the side.

Other than that, my inspiration was making do with our budget constraints and working towards having a home that could finally showcase all my vintage treasures.

While I knew by boyfriend was handy (we had done a smaller renovation on our first condo) I had no idea he was capable of the work he did. I’m really proud of him and us for not killing each other.”-In terms of furniture and artwork, most of it is either from my family, estate sales or flea markets.

—“My inspiration was really bringing a lot of the house back to its original state while modernizing certain aspects, like the kitchen,” Sarah writes.

“This house was built by a builder for himself after building a number of other houses in the neighborhood.

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Choosing a shake and stone color was tricky, due to the reddish shingle color on the roof.

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