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Updating a variable in sas

They are also displayed by some of the SAS/GRAPH procedures. When labels are assigned in the data step they are available for all procedures that use that data set.The program below reads the data and creates a temporary data file called auto. The following program assigns variable labels to rep78, mpg and foreign.If you try to use your dataset with user-defined permanent formats, SAS won’t be able to execute any statements on the dataset until you tell it what the user-defined formats mean.There are four ways to deal with this: Anytime you reference your SAS dataset for the first time in a SAS session, just be sure to run a statement with the format definitions so that SAS knows how to format the variable.However, SAS will not permanently store the definitions for user-defined formats between sessions.For example, SAS will know that the variable gender in our sample dataset is assigned to the format format is until you tell it.You can create as many labels as you want and when you are finished don’t forget the semi-colon after the last label. Typically, one value label is assigned per value/code, but it's also possible to assign a label to a range of values.

The next set of lines assigns labels to the values of the variable in your dataset.Second, when testing your code, start with and then validate the changes.Fourth, make sure the key used in the WHERE clause is indexed on the remote SQL database: otherwise each UPDATE will cause a painfully slow table scan.This is an easy fix if you are not running many proc steps, or if you have few variables with user-defined formats and relatively simple (i.e., few categories) formats.You will still need to define the format with a statement, however.

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There are two main items that can be labeled, variables and values. 19 3 3430 0 Datsun 23 4 2370 1 Datsun 35 5 2020 1 Datsun 24 4 2280 1 Datsun 21 4 2750 1 ; RUN; PROC CONTENTS DATA=auto; RUN; We use the label statement in the data step to assign labels to the variables.