Updating an older man wardrobe

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Updating an older man wardrobe

putting on a costly addition) or at least building up rather than out (to avoid the cost of a foundation).MONEY asked some innovative remodeling pros for cost-effective solutions to the issues that most commonly force people to move.That’s no small job, since you’ll need to remove the roof, beef up the structure to hold the added weight, provide a vapor barrier to block car exhaust, and build out not just your master suite addition — from the structural framing to the decorative finishes — but a whole new roof on top of it.Plus, you may need to reconfigure your existing floor plan to provide an entrance that feeds off a main hallway.So every guest and grandparent has to traipse upstairs to use the loo. You can squeeze a powder room into a space as small as four feet by four feet or even three feet by five feet, says architect Chris Turley of Highland Park, Ill.One option is to repurpose a large coat closet, pantry, or under-stairs cubby.In addition, you avoid realtor fees, moving costs, and the inevitable expense of making a new place your own, no matter how “turnkey” it is.What’s more, improving a substandard home in a sought-after location may be the best real estate investment you can make, says Omaha appraiser John Bredemeyer, spokesperson for the Appraisal Institute.

Cost: ,000 to ,000, depending on how much work the garage structure needs and how high-end you go with your project.

Alternatively, you could build new walls to carve the space out of a hallway, back foyer, or porch.

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With real estate prices on the rise, it’s safer than it has been in years to invest in your home — especially when measured against the prospect of moving, notes real estate agent John Ranco, past president of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors.

“Remodeling away your house’s shortcomings can cost tens of thousands less than trading up to an already remodeled house, which commands a major premium now,” he says.

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One of their suggestions may just turn a house you like — with reservations — into a home you love.