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Posted by / 09-Feb-2018 18:37

Updating d link firmware

I would appreciate who can help me to set new firmware on my router. Plug the power back into the router - still holding down the reset button.

I have this Dink router: DSL-2640U HW Veer: C2 FW Veer: ME_2.01 I had tried to update firmware to this Indian firmware but it was not compatible with my modem (it's for C4 version).

I've seen a fatal error during updating firmware on my router and then it was reset.

Now power led, internet led and 1 LAN led are turned on. I had tried to reset my router with reset button but it did not work. When you remove the power continue holding down the reset button for another 30 secs.

You have successfully upgraded the firmware on your device and can now enjoy it to its fullest potential!

Be sure to check out the How-To section for more tips and tricks for your home network.

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In order to make full use of your device, download the file to a folder on your hard drive, and then run (double-click) it to unzip the files.