Updating mozilla firefox

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Updating mozilla firefox

Basically you should be working with two files: /Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/Resources/defaults/pref/*(This file can be named whatever you want as long as it points to your config file)/Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/Resources/(This file can also be named something else as long as you reference it's name in the above file) Make sure that your config file at least contains: // Mozilla Locked Preferences//lock Pref("app.update.enabled", false);lock Pref("app.Update Enabled", false); Other than having to reapply the changes because the update blows away the config files, it's still working for us.

The title bar color has been changed to Dark Blue from previous Gray color as shown in following screenshot: The latest Nightly 55.0 build comes with a redesigned UI which shows "Reload/Refresh" button before the address bar.

Open Firefox preferences and go to Privacy tab and set "Use Tracking Protection" option to "Always" as shown in following screenshot: Now open any website and you'll be able to see the tracking protection in action by clicking on the Shield icon present in the beginning of the address bar as shown in following screenshot: You can add any desired website to exception list to disable tracking protection for that website.

The latest Nightly 46.0 build comes with a new UI for the built-in Profile Manager tool.

Recently Mozilla changed the titlebar color from Gray to Dark Blue and now the whole header i.e.

titlebar and toolbar are Dark Blue as shown in following screenshot: Currently the work is in progress and changes will be made in upcoming builds.

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The latest Nightly 46.0 build comes with improved tracking protection feature.