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Unless you have cleared your cache the packages you have installed will be in your cache location. It is probably something like /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ Obviously this requires an internet connection, so on 'Al' create a directory called /path/to/nvidia for the files and run: Then copy the dependancies you have already instaled from the cache.

Either find them manually by browsing https:// or if the total size of all your packages is not too large just copy them all This can be done on either 'Al' or 'Bob' using the repo-add command which comes with pacman (from version 3?

I was also wondering what was the utility of the auto generated offline.appcache file!

Before reading this I didn't even know that HTML5 games could be played offline so easily!!!

Next, bring that list with you to a place where you have internet and either download the listed packages manually or run wget in an empty directory: Tip: When using cygwin or some other kind of Windows environment to download the packages the filenames will get mangled, since default Windows file naming requires to escape e.g. To avoid this (under cygwin, since it doesn't follow such restrictions) use Scenario: you have two Archlinux machines, 'Al' (with internet connection) and 'Bob' (without internet connection), and you need to install some nvidia packages and their dependencies on 'Bob'.

In this example, the wanted packages are nvidia, nvidia-utils and xf86-video-nouveau, but you want to use a dedicated directory instead of /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ and a dedicated repository called nvidia (instead of the usual core, extra etc...) This can be done on any Archlinux machine which has up-to-date repository data bases (see above for links to database files); to create the list of links to the required packages, use: The file will contain links to the listed packages and any others which they depend on which are not already installed on Al.

Note: It is important to check that space-efficient vdisks have sufficient free capacity prior to starting a software upgrade as the above actions cannot be performed while an upgrade is in progress.

Otherwise all what you get is a misleading error message: error: no database for package: package-name Now open that textfile with an editor and delete all lines that are not URLs.

Whilst the Flash Copy mapping is in this state the target vdisk is held offline.

Any data which had been written to the target vdisk and not destaged before the Flash Copy was stopped will be pinned in the cache.

I use Drop Box, do I have to ask them, or is it something I need to do to the file?

@Index - no, the browser will do a normal update, where it checks if each file has changed before downloading it.

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"It's important to note when you upload your project, some servers are not set up to serve .appcache files correctly.