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After you install it, run the following command: Zsh is an alternative shell to the default bash shell that comes with Mac.

It adds nice features such as smart tab completions, but what really sets it apart is its scriptability.

The easiest way to use Postgresql on Mac is to download and install the With Postgresql running, add to install the Postgresql Ruby driver.

If you don’t have a directory to hold all your development projects yet, you can create that directory like below: and if you see a welcome page, your app is running locally.

You may also want to install git separately with homebrew for easier upgrading.

Github is the leading platform for source code hosting and collaboration.

If you don’t have an account yet, go ahead and sign up for one at https://

Make sure you sign up with the same email address from the step above.

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The easiest way to see this is to travel over to cache.and just view them.