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Updating tracker

Installing takes place in the Recovery environment of your device, but is easy, safe, and does not delete any of your data.

Could be prevented by firewall, not opened, or not forwarded. locale=en_US&article Id=21069 Using a campus connection? locale=en_US&article Id=29848) or a program like Port Forward.com's port checker app to test.

After that I checked what happens at startup and it fires this request for every torrent (even stopped one) only once (with a 30 sec delay): First of all, it "just" a cosmetic issue, it won't affect how rtorrent works at all.

Other clients use this info to manage their auto queuing feature (rtorrent behaves differently by default).

I added the line; into my .problem and now I am getting some updates, which is good enough for me at present.

Thanks for getting some resolution and clarification on this.

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