Updating using linq

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Updating using linq

From that data model, the developer can automatically generate an Oracle relational database model in the form of DDL scripts.

Before starting this tutorial, you should: In the Server Explorer window, if you already have a HR schema connection, expand it to connect to the database. Open the working directory to where you extracted the

To execute a LINQ query against an Oracle database, you will add a reference to an Entity Framework assembly.

Model-First allows the conceptual model to be created first by the developer.There are a number of ways to query the EDM, which then retrieves data from the database.This section will demonstrate three common EDM querying methods: LINQ, LINQ with lambda expressions, and Entity SQL.After completion of the wizard the mapping will be displayed as shown in the following figure. In the Controllers folder add a WEB API Controller of name Person APIController, with actions using Entity Framework.Step 3: In the Controllers folder of the project, add an empty MVC controller of the name . This will generate methods for performing CRUD operations.

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The stored procedure will modify the database data and return the results with an implicit resultset.