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Updating windows xp to vista

Make sure all important folders are saved, if needed add the missing folders by the Advanced options.The tool to import the files and setting in Windows Vista is located in the Start Menu, All programs, Accessories, System Tools, Windows Easy Transfer (or just by double clicking the MIG file).Besides that, it is useful to know that the current Windows XP settings can be easily transferred to the new Windows Vista user account with the tool Windows Easy Transfer.The page ends with some information about installing Windows Vista as a multiboot system next to the currently installed Windows XP.The tab Devices tells whether the vista hardware drivers are available or not.These drivers can be downloaded with Windows Update or downloaded (if available) from the website of the hardware manufacturer.

The tab Task List shows a summation of tasks to do before installing Windows Vista.The different editions are available as full edition, as upgrade edition (for the upgrade of an existing Windows installation) and as OEM edition (only in combination with the hardware).Windows Media Player is not included when the letter N is added.The Home Basic edition has the least features and does not support new Aero Glass interface.The Ultimate edition is the most extended (and the most expensive...) edition of Windows Vista.

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Every edition is available in both 32- and 64-bits (the full edition and the official Upgrade edition of Windows Vista Ultimate contain both versions).

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