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In its version of history, Carnage highlights artists who helped bring veganism into the mainstream.Sketches showing their works are dotted throughout, forming a sort of vegan variety performance.But with its bright optimism for the future, it seems amiss not to play out this trend within the protest movement, or provide some balance between two such central characters.Like Brass Eye, much of Carnage’s humour comes from its blend of its authority and absurdity.I'm not a vegan, but after watching Carnage, I'm even more certain that I should be.It's completely unsustainable and cruel to eat meat and dairy, and more people need to realise this.

Some have their faces pixelated because of the social stigma.

“I have written and directed a film about veganism.

I’m sorry.” This isn’t what you might expect Simon Amstell to say about his first feature-length film.

As well as making non-vegans question their dietary decisions, Carnage is a fascinating exploration of how ideas spread.

From 1944 to 2067, we see how they trickle down through time, popping up in performance art works and protests, musicals and memes, until their message eventually solidifies in the public consciousness.

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