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Viking sewing machine serial number dating

Call the Husqvarna Viking Consumer Affairs Department toll-free number during business hours.

The letters "FR" in your serial number indicate you have a Family Rotary machine.

The White Sewing machine that I have is on a table with a box over the machine. Now, she gave it to my daughter and we shipped it UPS and parts are broken, and we are confused about how to piece back the cabinet. It is hard to find exact information on these machines. I have two machines, one is a treadle with a Serial # FR173381 and it is missing the the cover that goes one the side of needle plate, the second one is an electric crinkle black electric machine in a Martha Washington cabinet. It works but it smells like something is melting and the cord gets hot. I have looked everywhere for a list of serial numbers to find the date of manufacturing.

The dates on the plate start with Mar 14, 1876 and end with Mar 27, 1877. If I could find an exploded view of cabinet I'd really be happy! I can't find any pictures of the wiring or how and what wire to use.

The number by the needle on the same plate is 21190. UPS also broke off a cast iron foot and you can't weld cast iron. This was a nightmare when I found it, and it's almost as bad now.

Could you possibly tell me anything about it and how you would recommend how I can sell it? Carolabout 30 years ago, I found an old FR White Rotary in a trash heap.

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I had a similar problem - was missing my Brother manual and couldn't find the number, even with the webpage help. I have a machine that is turquoise and beige in color. Good luck That is nice that you are going to practice and teach yourself, I did...however, you WOULD find the manual very helpful, even though machines are somewhat alike, when there is a difference, there is a difference and you need the manual.