Vtp not updating

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In fact, I'm leaving SW1 the primary for feature VLAN, and making SW2 the primary for feature MST: Feature UNKNOWN is actually kinda cool too, although I have no way of demonstrating it.VTPv3 is designed to carry different types of databases, so that it can be adapted to other replication tasks in the future. Clearly can't be a VTP server for a format you don't understand.Then when v3 pushes a legitimate update, the v2 domain will reject it because it will by definition be lower than that of v2.You end up with a segmented VTP domain, and a royal mess in the v2 network: Most of us have been happy to use transparent for years.The big difference with disabling VTP as opposed to using transparent mode is that the switch won't even pass VTP messages in "off" mode, it deliberately filters them.The benefit would be for a network administrative boundary, like connecting trunks between two carriers.

This is a very easy problem to create, and causes a dramatic outage.After booting, a client device issues a VTP message asking for the configuration of other VTP devices." This implies that the VTP secondary server saves its database to flash and the client doesn't store it at all. My VTP clients (and secondary servers) store the full VTP database and will load it up every time unless I manually delete it.So in practice, on this equipment, I can't actually find a difference between VTP secondary servers and VTP clients. I actually had a heck of a time getting this working when I re-labbed it for this document, and that's because I had left a hidden password on SW1 and SW2.This ties in some to the security measures, we don't necessarily want to participate in the neighbor's VTP process, so don't make assumptions. SW1(config)#vtp mode server Setting device to VTP Server mode for VLANS.SW1(config)#vtp domain CCIE Changing VTP domain name from NULL to CCIE *Mar 1 .638: %SW_VLAN-6-VTP_DOMAIN_NAME_CHG: VTP domain name changed to CCIE. SW1(config)#vlan 100 VTP VLAN configuration not allowed when device is not the primary server for vlan database.

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VTP v3 isn't technically a "new addition" to the CCIE lab, but code versions prohibited it from being used up until recently.