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Westbury report manager updating filters

Additional type-specific criteria fields are explained in the reference documentation and the help center.The example below adds a basic criteria to our standard report resource: // Define a date range to report on.To disassociate the columns with the same name, simply rename them using an alias in the query. When a column is re-named, the Report Filter will no longer effect the column.However, if the column name is reverted, the Filter will work again as long as the association between the Filter and the query-column is not removed.

We recommend using column aliases in your queries to make Report Filters more powerful.You can delete the Report Filter from the settings dropdown. Yes—Report Filters work with all embed types, including White-Label Embeds.Do Report Filters apply to Python results or custom HTML?A basic dimension values query contains a dimension name, as well as a start date and end date.The start and end dates limit the response to values valid within that time period.

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Name("Example standard report"); Type("STANDARD"); // Set optional fields File Name("example_report"); Format("CSV"); Once you've chosen a report type and configured common fields, the next step is to define the report criteria.

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