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'Being able to talk to each other is a big deal for my generation,’ Emma tells me.

'I think that a culture of openness about sex has to be a better thing.

'I wanted to wait as long as possible, and that seemed like the right age,’ Emma says, telling me about a girl at school who’d got pregnant at 13.

Go over your ideas of sex in your own head before you sit down with your teen so you know what is important to you.

Read your Bible and do your research before you sit down with your teen because it is important to understand what God has to say on the subject, too.

With AIDS, STDs, pregnancy, and more all traps of a sexual world, it is important for teenagers to be educated about sex - and not just about abstinence. Avoid talking about sex in a way that assumes your teen has not done anything.

Most Christian teens have probably heard that they need to abstain from having sex because the Bible tells them to. While every parent would like to think their child has never thought about sex, kissed someone, or gone even further, it just may not be the case, and it can be off-putting to your teen.

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She tells me, 'I haven’t slept with anyone, but I did go a certain distance with a boy on a school trip. On a trip to France there was an opportunity for something more serious. Graduating from one thing to another – rather than starting with painful sex – actually helped me go at a pace I wanted. When it came to having sex, I was the one who was pressurising my boyfriend to do it, as I felt ready.

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