Who is dana delany dating

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Who is dana delany dating

Ann is depressed and suffering over her breakup with Danny.

Ginnie goes to Danny's restaurant to talk to him but it only makes matters worse. Meanwhile, Marjee is beginning to think that her new job is the job from hell and Rose's punky roommate, Flash, makes fun of her in front of their acting class.

In her film appearances (Moon Over Parador [1988], Patty Hearst [1988], Light Sleeper [1992]), Delany has leaned toward characters governed by their neuroses and eccentricities.

In 1994, Delany starred in the much-touted "bondage" comedy/mystery Exit to Eden (from a novel by Ann Rice).

American actress Dana Delany, a graduate of Phillips Academy and Wesleyan University, began making television appearances in the mid-1980s on such programs as Moonlighting and the movie A Winner Never Quits (1986). Colleen Mc Murphy in the Vietnam-era TV drama China Beach, which ran until 1990.

On a visit to the Empire State Building, Ginnie learns that Bob is deathly afraid of heights.

Meanwhile, Ann is in denial about the fact that she and Danny are breaking up.

Despite heavy promotion, initial ratings did not warrant the show being picked up for a second season when The WB network was folded into The CW.

The untitled Related theme song is sung by The Veronicas, whose music was regularly featured in episodes.

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Marjee has moved back in with her father and is annoyed that his fiancée, Renée, gets up way too early in the morning and is way too cheerful.