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Before everyone had navigation, they would call this company if they were doing a trip to say London to Manchester. I would write the joint for you on this map, with a sharpie, not even a sharpie, a highlighter and I would route the perfect route for you to take. If you need to go to Detroit to Kentucky I can help you, but once we are in the city I have horrible sense of directions. I did learn as far as getting state to state, but in the city I am terrible. Dilla was crazy; I always say that the MPC was an extension of his arm. And we used to have competitions with hats, and he would come into the studio with his, and I would come in with my new joint. Depends on what you’re trying to do with your music. At the time I used to wear braids, I always wore a hat. You dropped out of College; do you think it’s important for musicians to go considering how successful you’ve become? Tell us about “Dark side of the Mic” Dark side of the Mic is something I did for London; it has little instruments I wanted to try out. I mean I had a ball in Australia; I would definitely love to come back to Australia with the band. You recorded ‘The Rize’ in your bedroom, and now you’re doing sold out shows in London. Like I always knew when I approached that album I just wanted to make 100 copies and sell it to my friends. I think everyone approaches a song differently, I enjoy all of them. I had no idea that doing that album would catapult a career for me you know what I’m saying. I come out of every situation better, learning a new way to approach a song. I was concerned that there was no appearance for first and second respondents given that they had filed opposing papers.[2] Mr Korsten satisfied me that he had adequately informed the Legal Aid representative acting for the respondents and delivered the set down and related documents giving full and timeous notice of the hearing of this application.this enquiry also determines whether the first and second respondents are unlawful occupiers and the applicability of the PIE Act.

The applicant alleges that on or about 26 February 2015 the property was registered into his name in the Johannesburg Deeds Office under Deed of Transfer No.: T1794/2015.

Before dealing with the applicant’s case further, I turn to deal with the respondent’s opposition. The first respondent alleges that she has been in occupation and residing on the property since 1971, a period in excess of 43 years.

Although she disavows the applicability of the PIE Act, the first respondent (who says she is 75 years old) identifies the other occupants holding with and through her to be seven adults and four children (aged 17, 10, 6 and 4 years of age) seemingly pursuant to the provisions of section 4(7), (8) and (9) of the PIE Act, no doubt in the event of the respondents being found to be in unlawful occupation.

I got that on camera, that’s going to be on You Tube soon. I was looking, filming the ducks coming out of the water, he walked up to me, and I was like oh he’s coming to me. Tried to bite my shoe, then he was going for my pant legs. I just wanted it to be sold exclusively for shows, strictly for London. I mean it’s not something I am putting out; I am not making it available for download. Just because the whole album is about a story that happened in London, London is my home overseas.

Tell us about the new album The new album is in its beginning stages, I am thinking this time around I might want to make it super baby making. I tested it, and in the process made a few joints and made it into an album. A lot of people were upset in Australia you just opened for Brian Mcknight and saw you just for that show.

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I interview Dwele about his upcoming strictly baby making album due to drop later this year, how a duck attacked him at the Australian Zoo and why he thinks J Dilla’s arm was an extension of an MPC.