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Who is jessica pare dating

Most Americans basically only knew Jessica as the topless girl from Hot Tub Time Machine. That was not what got her the part, although she’s hilarious in that. Why did you choose to reference her teeth on the show?

When I saw her auditioning in the room, she was mysterious, confident, youthful. No one wants to hear it because they hope that it’s all academic and clinical and checking off of boxes. I’ve talked about how I don’t like it on TV shows when they don’t acknowledge the physical reality of the character. You know that Jessica has had people say things to her about her teeth throughout her life, and I loved the idea that her friend had said something crappy to her about it.

Was there something about Jessica that made you notice her?

She actually first auditioned for the prostitute [who slaps Don in the face during sex in the season four premiere] and I thought she was wonderful. ” I loved her face and her energy, and she’s got this slightly tomboy thing.

Three years after "Mad Men" premiered, actress Jessica Pare joined the cast in 2010 as Don Draper's new wife, Megan Draper.

Though Jessica Pare started acting in 1990 on "The Baby-Sitters Club" in 1990, it wasn't until her 2001 film "Lost and Delirious," with co-star Mischa Barton that put the brunette beauty on the map.

Gaining early acting experience with small roles in the made-for-television mafia drama Bonanno: A Godfather's Story and following with En Vacances (both 1999), Paré's breakthrough role came as she auditioned for a small role in Stardom and ended up being cast in the film's leading role based on her inherent innocence and beauty.

How did Mad Men creator Matt Weiner conceive of Megan's story line, and how did he find the fascinating Quebec-born actress who portrays her, Jessica Paré (who's also on the cover of New York's recent TV issue)? You don’t even know what it’s like to have your name mispronounced all the time, you can’t even imagine it. Well, I grew up in New Mexico and my last name is Yuan, so I got called Yada Juan a lot. And we’re doing this because it seems like this is her season. I will be honest with you, every story that I tell that involves Megan is about Don.

And then my casting people were like, “You know, she was in the top three for the people to get that part. And at the same time, she looks like a French movie star from that era, exotic and intriguing.

I loved the idea of just having her sort of work her way in.

"Please meet Blues Anthony Paré Kastner...," he wrote.

Just being the hot new girl on TV’s most obsessed-over show doesn’t automatically make you recognizable. “She was like, ‘You look really different in person.’ When really she was like, ‘What the hell is that story line, bitch?

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actress and her boyfriend, John Kastner, have welcomed their first child together - a baby boy named Blues Anthony.

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